The Woods

Huge shout out to Misha Burnett for being the first to mention some things about my last story I was hoping someone would mention. He made my day! 🙂

Here is a new story, not super original, but still more words written.

A cold breeze snaked across the ground, brown leafs danced in the stream of air catching on twisted roots of the surrounding trees. A group of teenagers huddled around a campfire. Several had marshmallows on sticks placed in the fire. They watched the white treats puff up from the heat. One member of the group began speaking.

“Hey, how about we tell scary stories? Have you heard about the Missouri Monster?”

The blond haired girl, wrapped in scarves and blankets let out a loud boo. The dark wavy haired girl sitting next to her exclaimed, “What Lisa said. Boo! That’s such a dumb legend.”

A tall lanky boy sitting across the fire on simple log stump said, “Yeah, it’s not even scary.”

Rachel leaned forward and rubbed her hands together over the fire and said, “I dunno. Maybe we should let James finish his story. He is a pretty good teller of tales. Maybe he made it scary?”

Lisa looked over at Rachel, with a confused expression, “Who is James?”
Rachel scrunched up her face, now she was confused. “What do you mean who is James? He is sitting right there next to Rob.”

Tommi, the dark wavy haired girl, said, “Rachel, you’re kind of scaring me, there is no one sitting next to Rob.”

Rachel rubbed her temple trying to massage the massive pain splitting her skull. She looked over at James who looked very annoyed. His hands were placed on top of his auburn curly hair. His green eyes stared back at her. He spoke up, “Okay, guys this isn’t funny. You guys see me, right? I am right here.”

Lisa spoke again, “Rachel, would you stop trying to get attention. This isn’t funny. I am so tired of how you just make things up for a laugh.”

Rachel let out a small yelp. The pain spread across her skull down to the back of her neck. Her vision started to blur but she managed to make out James standing up, a metal hot dog roaster in his hands. His knuckles turning right. She screamed as James tried to run the roaster through Rob but the metal was flimsy and bent.

“How about that dumb ass. See how real I am?” James shouted.

Lisa screamed, “Why the hell would you do that? Are you insane?”

Rachel watched as James turned to Lisa, his face red, “I am tired of being invisible, with all of you clowns pretending I don’t exist. Well I exist, I am visible!” James picked up the hatchet next to the kindling by the fireplace. He swung, blood splattering across his face as screams surrounded him. “I exist.”


Rachel opened her eyes. She was standing next to the smoldering embers of the dying fire, the bloodied corpses of her friends littered the ground. She tried to scream but it came out as a pathetic whimper. Her hand, she was holding something. She looked down, in her clenched fist was a hatchet. Blood dripping from the blade onto the ground. She crumbled to the ground on her knees letting out a sob. She felt a hand placed on her shoulder and a faint voice say, “I exist.”

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