Golden Eyes

I didn’t really feel like writing but I wanted to keep writing. I didn’t have a good idea for a story so I searched the Internet for a prompt, came across something about two asteroids colliding and the fallout comes to earth. So I forced myself to write.

After finishing the below piece I’ve come away not quite sure what I am trying to say. What do you think I am trying to say?

Tara stared intently at her hands placed flat on the table. They were slim, a color of brown that couldn’t be quantified in a Crayola crayon set and her nails were a marvelous green. There was only one little problem. Well several little problems. Dark nasty hairs poking up destroying her fabulous look. Today was worse than yesterday and yesterday she had waxed but today the hairs were back worse than ever.

No one knew what caused it but ever since the two asteroids collided two weeks ago people all across the globe started to change. Scientists believed there was some sort of disease that was released in the collision. The only problem was they couldn’t actually identify a disease, virus, or anything really. People started growing nasty hairs on their hands and scientists were stumped. It wasn’t everyone most were lucky enough to have normal hands but Tara wasn’t one of them.

A voice started speaking at her, “You poor lass, luck has naught to do with it. Tis magic you see.”

Tara twitched out of her deep observation and looked across the table at the speaker and spoke in a melancholic tone, “You’re a leprechaun then?”

“Aye. I take it my festive green outfit gave it away?”

“A wee bit. Can you lift this curse then?”

“Now why would I do that? Tis a blessing not a curse. Every so often evolution needs a wee push, you’re part of the next step of evolution of man.”

She said, “Hairy hands? That does seem useful to solve all those pesky problems nature is throwing my way — like school dances and stars forbid I meet a boy I like. Not a one willing to give me a chance, now.”

“Don’t worry, hair on the hands is only the start. Soon your lovely eyes will turn yellow and quite large, you’ll grow a snout and fangs and have incredible strength.”

She looked at the leprechaun and asked, “I’m to be a werewolf then?”

“Of a sort, without the bother of being bound to the moon.”

“Well, that is sure to bring the lads running to my door.”

“Trust me, not a lad will resist you.”

She paused for a moment. Her fingers tapped the table. She decided what her next action would be. She let out a howl and jumped on the table. She could smell the blood circulating through the leprechauns throat. The need to take a large bit overwhelmed her and she rushed across the table, hairy hands outstretched.

“Tara! Tara, wake up!”

Tara jerked awake, she had fallen asleep on the table. Her brother was shaking her. She looked over at him and asked, “Yes, Tommy?”

“Tara, you’ve been sleeping for a long time and I’m hungry. May I have a biscuit.”

Tara smiled and stood up while saying, “Sure thing.”

The two went over to the cupboards where Tara grabbed a biscuit from the pack and gave it to Tommy. Tommy gave her a smile and said, “Thanks! And those are some wicked yellow eyes you got now.”

Tommy ran off with his prize as Tara felt a howl emerging from her throat.

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