Grammarly offers several ways to check your grammar on any of your devices. They have a free service that checks basic things like commas and sentence structure.

It’s pretty neat and I like it. In fact I liked it so much I thought I would check out how much the advanced version costs. Turns out it costs a huge bucket of nope. Almost $30 bucks a month. The yearly subscription is not much cheaper. This is the non business price too!

I honestly can’t figure out why they would price it so high. I mean I’m sure there are quite a few of us amateur bloggers that would pay for something like this but not at those prices. Seems such a shame. Makes me sad as I thought it would be great for additional help on my flash fiction writing.

7 thoughts on “Grammarly

    1. I’m jealous. But if you’re using it for work that makes sense. I don’t write near enough on my free time to even remotely justify the cost. It really seems like a missed market for them — having some sort of cheaper paid service for the amateur writer.

      Interestingly enough Microsoft just the other day demonstrated AI grammar support that will be in the upcoming version of Word. Maybe that will be competitive?

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