A Night Stroll With My Dead Wife

Tonight I took a stroll
And you were there.

I didn’t notice,
Not at first.

The sky was cloudy
But neither full of rain
Nor thunder.

I wish I knew your name,
To have met you,
And your soul full of love

I could feel you there,
With your smile,
And warm aura.

To the woman
I missed,
Thank you.

Thank you for being there
When I could not.

Right so this might make it seem like I have been married (if you weren’t paying attention). I have not. I did take a stroll and it was cloudy and I did feel a woman’s presence there with me. It was only for a brief moment and most likely caused from carb sadness (I’m trying to make some lifestyle changes — again). It was a beautiful moment and inspired this #TerriblePoem. It is nice to get over the bit of writer’s block I’ve had.