The Closet

I am going to write a few fiction stories on here. They won’t be good but at least I am writing something. Maybe one day I’ll git gud at this writing thang.

John woke to his cellphone buzzing on the nightstand. The figure next to him twisted under the covers as he looked at his phone and groaned. He smashed the answer button on the screen and in a gruff voice said, “Yes?”

The voice on the other end of the line spoke for what felt like several minutes before he spoke again, “It’s just your imagination. Our house is not haunted. No ghosts, werewolves or zombies.” The other voice continued again for another length of time. John tapped the nightstand with his knuckles and then interjected, “No, I told you I have to work all night. You know what will happen if I don’t get this project done.” John brushed his hair back with his hand and gave a deep sigh as the voice interrupted him. He spoke into the phone, “Okay, okay. I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

He ended the call and the covers next to him shuffled around as his companion sat up. Her hands started massaging his shoulders and she asked, “Your wife?”

“Yes. This move out to the country side was a giant mistake. Her sanity has leaped off a cliff.”

“It sounds like it — from what you told me. Hanging garlic to keep out the vampires, laying out meat to scare off the poltergeists, and placing those witch symbols around the yard. It sounds nuts.”

“Ugh the meat, it just sat there for days rotting. The house smelled horrible. I made her toss it out. I think she bought more recently too. She is scared to go anywhere at night and every creak she hears sends her into hysterics.”

The woman said, “You should leave her.”

“You know why I can’t.” He responded.

She stopped her massage and said, “You’d better go. Don’t want to be late.”

He turned and gripped her hands, “Hey now, don’t be like that. It won’t be long before I can finally leave her. Just a few more months.”

“I hate all this sneaking around, I want our relationship to be open. I want my friends to meet you.”

He smiled and kissed her before saying, “You are the only woman for me. Be patient.”


John was walking up to his front door when it burst open and the frail figure of his wife entangled him. “Oh John, I am so glad you here.”

John remained silent and gave his wife a firm embrace. They separated and he said, “Okay, where is the ghost tonight?”

Her face scrunched up in an attempt to hold back her tears. “John, it is terrible. I have never been so scared. Noises coming from all over the house. From the basement to the attic.”

“I’m here now. Let’s go scare this ghost back into submission.” He held her hand and led her back into the house.

The two started in the basement, where he went around opening doors to prove to his wife no monsters lurked behind. They made their way up to their bedroom. He approached the bathroom door and his wife’s grip tightened. He shook his head and ripped open the door. The clean tile, empty tub and simple vanity was the only thing visible.

“That’s just about every room in the house. See? No ghosts, ghouls or monsters. How about we get some sleep.”

She nodded her consent and the two prepared for sleep.


The two figures under the comforter slept in peace in the dark room. A cry wafted through the air. The sound of something in pain. John’s eyes opened at the noise. He looked over at his wife, she was still asleep. She looked peaceful and the faint light drifting through the window brought out her beauty. There was the woman he had married. John waited a few minutes to hear if the noise returned but there was only silence. He closed his eyes when the same haunting cry pierced the night.

John jumped out of bed. This time, the sound, it was coming from the closet. He hadn’t checked there. He approached the closet with caution. Each step brought him closer. Was that rustling he heard from behind the closet door?

A voice broke his concentration. It was his wife, she was near the bedroom door, her eyes large with fright. “John, don’t. Don’t open that door. Let’s leave.”

“It’s okay. It’s probably just the wind but I had better check.” John started toward his goal again.

His wife pleaded, “Please, John. Let’s leave this house.”

“Relax, I got this.”

He gripped the doorknob to the closet and turned the knob. He heard the bedroom door slam. He threw the door open. A giant howl pierced his ears as a dark form pounced on him slamming him to the floor. He screamed as long claws twisted into his flesh. His screams stopped as his throat was ripped apart from sharp teeth.


Detective Arnold looked at the grisly scene in the bedroom as the officer next to him was stating through the known facts, “We can’t confirm for sure until the autopsy but the markings on the body have the signature of a mountain lion attack. Officer Wendell found there was hole in the side of the house that led to a crawlspace between the walls that led to the back of the closet.”

Detective Arnold spoke, “Well ain’t this the darndest thing. A mountain lion attack. The wife?”

“She is safe. Really shook up but she fled the house thinking it was haunted. Saved her life, most likely. Made it to her neighbor’s house down the street. They were who contacted us.”

“Okay, well this seems pretty open and shut. Get animal control out looking for the animal. I’ll go speak with the wife, that poor woman.” Detective Arnold shook his head and walked down the hall. He certainly never expected his day to turn out like this.

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11 thoughts on “The Closet

  1. This is kind a reverse Gaslighting, right? By acting crazy, the wife is able to do the things that set up the cheating husband’s death in plain sight. I’m assuming that the raw meat was to attract the mountain lion? And she probably used the witch signs in the yard to conceal her making the hole in the side of the house?

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    1. I’m not familiar with Gaslighting but you nailed it! I was hoping someone would mention it, so you made me happy. Actually the bit about witch signs wasn’t intentional but I like that, her using it to cover up the hole.


      1. Gaslighting refers to the film “Gaslight” in which the husband works to convince his wife that she is crazy, so that he can convince her that some of the things he does with an evil purpose are just her mind playing tricks on her. This is kind of flipping that film on its head, and I like it.

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