Wish UR Wish

My previous story was a bit dark and I didn’t want to do dark all the time so I changed it up with this story. I wouldn’t call it upbeat by any means but it is more fun (or at least I think so).

The setting sun cast a warm glow across the city. The dark clouds had rescinded to the horizon and puddles littered the streets. A slim young girl in a floral sundress and large black boots was holding hands with a young man. He was wearing a black leather jacket and worn jeans. The couple walked down the street laughing at what the other was saying.

The girl pointed at an older woman wearing a knitted shawl and a long dress. She was frantically trying to gather papers that had scattered across the ground. Her long black braid swinging as she moved from cluster to cluster of the papers.

“Come on, Billy! Let’s go help that poor woman.” The slim bond girl ran over and started picking up papers. Billy walked over and begrudgingly helped.

It didn’t take long before all the papers had been collected and given to the woman. She tucked her papers away in a large knit bag. After securing her bag, she looked at the blond girl in her large blue eyes and handed her a simple jade ring. The old woman said is a ethereal tone, “Thank you for your kindness. Take this ring, it is quite special. It grants three wishes. Use them wisely.” After giving the ring to Holly she collected her bag and set off down the street.

Holly twirled the ring around her fingers, with a twinkle in her eye she said, “A wishing ring! How fun!”

Billy looked down at her and laughed, “What a strange lady. Wishing ring? She is crazy, I hope she gets the help she needs.”

Holly bit down on her lower lip in thought. After a brief moment her lips turned up in a giant grin. “Let’s test it! I wish I was taller than my boyfriend Billy.”

“What now?” Billy’s eyes widened as Holly began to get taller, she stopped at about an inch taller, Billy guessed.

Holly looked upset and said, “That’s not what I wanted. I didn’t get taller, you just got shorter.”

Billy looked around and everything looked wrong, like he was much lower to ground. A shiver ran up his spine and he screeched, “what the hell?”

Holly looked over him, her hand on her chin. “Hm. Your clothes seemed to adjust with the change. They’re not oversized at all. How weird.”

“That’s what you care about right now? Change me back or else!”

Holly stepped back with a scared look on her face. “Billy, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen.”

Billy clenched his fists and stepped towards her. She backed away realizing that he was still stronger than her despite his new diminished size. A new wish popped in her head, she twisted the ring on her finger and whispered, “I wish that my muscles would gain the strength from the ten strongest men in the world.”

Billy’s lower jaw dropped as he watched every muscle on Holly’s body balloon to an absurd size. She looked like a cartoon character gone wrong. He commented, “Huh. How did your dress survive that?”

“Seriously? I don’t know! Maybe this ring has a modesty filter! But I have a huge problem. I can’t move an inch, none of my limbs can bend!” She attempted to walk but all she could do was waddle from side to side.

“You look like the Michelin Man.” Billy said and then started laughing.

“Stop laughing! This isn’t funny!”

“I can’t help it, what on earth did you think would happen?”

“I expected to stay skinny but have super strength like Buffy or Supergirl.”

“Right, well that worked out well for ya. Hey, why don’t you–”

Before he could finish she interrupted, “Gah, I just wish this was all over.”

The entirety of existence vanished and that is how our Universe ended.

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