Steve’s Music Mix – Sorry, What was that again?

I am trying something new. As it turns out, this was quite a bit of fun.


Each week I (Steve) will post 3 new questions so…

  1. Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle
  2. Say the questions aloud and press play
  3. Use the song title as your answers
  5. Title your post “Steve’s Music Mix – …” and link back to this week’s page.
  6. Post your response in the comment section of that week’s page.

What should I do…?

IT’s OK by Atomic Kitten

Still trying to wrap my head around this one…

What I shouldn’t do…?

All Around Me by Flyleaf

So apparently I shouldn’t do anything? Need some help interpreting these, lol.

What I Will Do…?

King and Lionheart by Of Monsters And Men

I don’t get it. I think today’s Q&A is telling me I should get more sleep. :)

One Sweet Night at Club Vindaloo

Tell us your funniest relationship disaster story.
Daily Post: Third Rate Romance

Preface: The following which you are about to read is a piece of fiction inspired by a dream I had this morning. The reason I chose fiction is that every relationship I have been in has been a disaster, and honestly would be rather boring.

One Sweet Night at Club Vindaloo

“It was her idea. The whole disaster was her fault.” I said not trying to hide my angst.

“Calm down and go over what happened.” The man’s face was calm. It was like looking at serenity personified.

“It started last Friday. My girlfriend wanted to go to the opening of that new club, Vindaloo. She said I needed to stop being such a hermit and get out more.”

“That seemed like reasonable advice.”

“You haven’t seen me dance.”

“Oh, I can imagine that was quite a pretty picture, indeed.” I thought I heard a hint of sarcasm in his voice.

“It would have been, if I ever got that far. I wanted to stop and look at some puppies on the way. So we took separate vehicles to the club. That’s where I met Samwise. He was a cute pug puppy, I just had to have him. I walked out carrying a little puppy in a bundle and then I headed to the club.”

“Why did you do that? Buy the puppy, I mean.”

“It seemed like a good idea at the time.” It really had.

I watched the man as he scribbled some notes on his pad. He looked up at me and said, “Go on.”

“Right, so Samwise and I enter the club. I smuggled him in my pocket.”

“Wait, the club just let you in?”

“Yeah, I’m awesome!” I would have thought that detail was pretty obvious. “I find my girlfriend surrounded by all these guys fawning over her. I go up to her and she is angry. Saying I’m late and no good. It was really rather embarrassing.”

“I imagine it would be.”

“She threw her drink in my face, that is the point when Samwise escaped. He wriggled free and started running around on the floor. I tried to catch him but he was soon lost in the crowd.” I stopped to take a drink of water. After taking a few sips, I then continued my narrative, “It was at this point when I noticed my wallet, cellphone and car keys were missing. I started to panic. I went back over to my girlfriend’s table to see if my missing items were there. Of course the whole group was still laughing at my expense. I asked them if they had seen my items but they responded no.”

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but you are going somewhere with this?”

“Yes. Well I went to go back out to my car to see if I left the items there, just in time to see my car being impounded.”


“Yes, yes it is. I went back into the club to find my girlfriend to see about giving me a ride home. Her new harem, for lack of a better word, told me she went to the ladies room. So I went there.”


“Yup, just walked right in. I wasn’t having the best night so far. A bunch of screaming women went out. I yelled out her name and asked if I could get a ride.”

“What did she say?”

“I believe her word choice was, ‘Drop dead!’”

The man gave a twitch and then scribbled more notes on his pad and then nodded for me to continue.

“That’s when I spied Samwise. I did the only logical thing and took my pants off to throw over him, kind of a net trap.”

“Your pants? Why not your shirt?”

“Right, so it was the second most logical thing. I threw my pants over Samwise but he just snatched them up and dragged them outside the bathroom. I followed of course. That’s when it happened.”

“What happened?” The man asked.

“Well, I plowed right into a very large man, which had a bit of a domino effect and his girl fell to the floor.”

“Oh ouch, bad news that.”

“Yes, very. He went to hit me just as I dove after Samwise and my pants, hitting another large dude in the face.That was the moment when the brawl started.”

“What an interesting tale.”

“Quite. Yes, officer that is how I ended up here in your interrogation room.”

“It really isn’t your night, is it?” He asked.

I sighed. It really wasn’t.


Soccer Women are Super Sexy (imo)

Featured Image by Wilson Delgado (Wilson Delgado) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Under the Boardwalk (Daily Prompt)

Have you ever become obsessed with something? Tell us about something that captivates your attention like nothing else.
Daily Prompt: Can’t Get it Out of My Head

My Cycle of Obsession:

Always starts with WOMEN.

Which leads me to EXERCISE and HEALTH for that possibility of actually attracting one.

Then comes the constant thinking of FOOD, bad and unhealthy but oh so delicious FOOD.

Then enters the DEPRESSION for being unable to control my appetites.

Which leads to escaping in BOOKS, VIDEO GAMES, MOVIES and TV SHOWS.

For some reason these things always have a touch of romance in them which leads back to WOMEN.

Soccer Women are Super Sexy (imo) Featured Image by Wilson Delgado (Wilson Delgado) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
Soccer Women are Super Sexy (imo)
Featured Image by Wilson Delgado (Wilson Delgado) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons


“What’s this now?”


“Oh. It’s tasty.”

“I added a special ingredient?”

“Oh? Is it rat poison? Tastes like rat poison. I’ve always been partial to the taste.”

“Um, it might be. I’ll be right back.” A few minutes later. “Back. Try this helping.”

“Oh, you’ve added arsenic! Yum!”


For the Weekly Writing Challenge – Fifty

Featured Image by By Maxxl2 [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons; modified by me


The Art of Friendship

Do you find it easy to make new friends? Tell us how you’ve mastered the art of befriending a new person.
Daily Prompt: Why Can’t We Be Friends? by Krista on April 9, 2014

Making friends with people is fairly easy but keeping them can be hard. I think I might write a separate post on the keeping aspect, but for now I shall share my tips for how to make friends.

Green Embers’ Tips on Making Friends!

  1. Listen – This is the most important thing you can ever do. People love talking about themselves and when you first meet someone let them speak and show interest.
  2. Ask questions – This is really part of listening but deserves its own number. When we ask questions about what people are telling us, it shows we care about them, even if we might not really care for what they are talking about.
  3. Be sincere – Do I really need to say any more?
  4. Be truthful – Never start a friendship on a foundation of lies. It is doomed to make enemies.
  5. Be willing to help – Sometimes people are out there silently crying out for help. Look for the signs and show that you are willing to stand by them in their hardships.
  6. Be willing to accept help – This might seem odd, but sometimes it is much easier to give help than accept it. Letting people help you will help them and build strong ties of friendship.

I find that these things work for me! :mrgreen:

Featured Image by By Jim Bowen [CC-BY-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons


I ask, you respond (to Green Embers) : Art, Boobs, and Rock n’ Roll

Here is a blast from the past! I am bringing back The Green Features! (Read about them here)

Green Feature

I wasn’t interested in today’s Daily Prompt and a recent comment reminded me yet again that I have this feature. (Have I mentioned I can be a bit scattered? Oh… you knew that already, did you?)

I find discussions on this topic fascinating. I remember asking a long time ago in a work chat and found the conversation was very different from what I expected (as was this blog post compared to the deceptive title ;) )

Now my question for you!

What is art?

Featured Image by Claude Monet [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Steve’s Music Mix – Going on a Journey

I am trying something new. As it turns out, this was quite a bit of fun.


Each week I (Steve) will post 3 new questions so…

  1. Go to the music player of your choice and put it on shuffle
  2. Say the questions aloud and press play
  3. Use the song title as your answers
  5. Title your post “Steve’s Music Mix – …” and link back to this week’s page.
  6. Post your response in the comment section of that week’s page.

If I was stranded on a desert island…?

Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey

I guess if I were stranded on a desert island, I would definitely want to keep believing. In Arrow I trust!

If I was the last person on earth…?

Stairway to the Skies by Within Temptation

If I was the last person on Earth, apparently it won’t be for long! :lol:

When no one is looking, I…?

Staring At the Mirror by Black Stone Cherry

Ahahahaha, Mirror? Me, Ahahahahaha. Who would want to look at this ugly mug? Not me! :lol:


Where does he get those wonderful toys?

If you’re feeling blah, what is the one thing you do that you can count on to put a smile on your face?
Daily Prompt: Make Me Smile by Krista on April 7, 2014

There was an amazing blogger I followed when I was still somewhat new to WordPress, who I shall call A. A was fantastic and had a thousand various posts covering so many things. One of the things was a list that will help a person smile. I remember to this day the last item on her list was looking at someone else smile. You can’t help but not smile when someone else is smiling. I tried it out and it worked. You just can’t help but smile when looking at someone else smile and then laugh as you realize how creepy and stalker-ish you feel for spying on someone’s smile.

It makes me somewhat sad thinking about A. She had to make her blog private for job concerns (apparently being overly outspoken on social media can be a bad thing, but in my opinion her blog was amazing and she had a fantastic hope Mondays feature) A, if you happen to read this, know I miss you and hope you found that job! :D

A few weeks ago I was listening to the radio and the DJ shared this interesting bit of trivia, when someone is faking a smile you can tell. If you look at their eyes, the crow’s feet will appear on a genuine smile along with no tension in the forehead. If you want to know if a person is one of those genuinely happy people, they will have crow’s feet. Which I find interesting as many people think that is a marking to remove, when really it should be a badge of honor.

Now if you remember, I have an over trusting nature of what people tell me. I looked up the information on the ever reliable Internet (fountain of all truth) and ran across this article posted on July of 2011 at Nonverbal World. It corroborates the information I heard on the radio as well as giving more information on what makes a genuine smile and what makes a fake smile. Highly recommend you give it a read, it isn’t long.

Now at this point you’re probably wondering what my post title has to do with the article? Absolutely nothing. I just like that line from the Michael Keaton Batman film.

I hope you all go out there and give genuine smiles to the people around you and watch as they in turn smile at you! (Who knows, maybe it will help you meet someone special).


Featured Image by Kasia from Warszawa (Warsaw), Polska (Poland) (Uśmiech wielbłąda…) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (, via Wikimedia Commons

Featured Image -- 4053

The Not So Shocking News Dialogues – Episode 4: Now With More Sparkle!

Green Embers:

Podcast Episode 4 is live! Check it out, with a special guest!! :D

Originally posted on Green Embers Recommends:

Here is Episode 4, which I tried to make Episode 5, shame on me. We have something special in this episode, so you should give it a listen! :mrgreen:

Download for offline listening!

The Not So Shocking News Dialogues stars the amazing Katie from the D/A Dialogues who wrote this excellent short piece of fiction from whence the podcast title was derived! Make sure to stop by and check it out!!

Show Notes

Not So Shocking News Dialogues Cover ArtReviews:

Guest Review:

*If you’re interested in being a guest reviewer on our podcast email me ( or Katie (


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